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A message from our Director Kabir Kakkar

Entertainment is a one stop shop for all event organizers and anyone who is in search of artists/celebs/talent for their events/shows/concerts/marriage/store opening etc. We are in the industry for almost 10 years and have strong direct association with the big wigs of Bollywood and other fields of talent. We are the shortest route to book an artist and hence save middle agent cost.

Who Are We?

- We are India`s leading international stage entertainment firm, with almost 10 years of international experience in live entertainment, across more than 25 countries.

- We provide stunning international entertainment for events and occasions across India, and overseas.

What We Do?

We offer:

- Prêt-a-Porter international entertainment acts for S/M/L size events. Number of artists on stage is flexible and scalable.

- 100% CUSTOMISED international entertainment for exclusive events- FIRST TIME IN INDIA!

Why Choose Us?

- We deliver what we promise, and we do it transparently and professionally.

- No expenses on international air fares! Our international performers are permanently based in Delhi, India.

- We offer a high degree of customisation.

Kabir Kakkar



Our Directors

Mr. Kabir Kakar

(Managing Director) Mob No: 9999445275

Mrs. Hanana Chadli

(Director) Facebook Id: https://www.facebook.com/kanika.kakkar    

Mr.Sanjay Nigam

(Business partner)

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